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Sunfer Solar Mounting Systems

For us, considering your problems is a challenge and finding the best solution is the goal we must reach.

Sunfer Energy

Design and manufacturing  



Sunfer integrates the entire value chain, since it carries out the design and manufacture of photovoltaic structures.

We have 30,000 m² facilities located in Valencia, where we integrate all the processes.

The centralisation of the processes allows us to speed up the delivery times of the orders considerably.

Our quality policy has led us to surround ourselves with the best aluminium production companies, in order to offer our customers the highest quality products at the best price.

Currently, we cover the entire national market and in our export process we reach all European countries.

Our goal

To create new and better products  

Sunfer offers the possibility of technical advice.

Work carried out by a team of excellent professionals, backed by a long career in the execution of all these types of solutions. In order to satisfy the demands and projects of our clients, Sunfer has a young and constantly evolving human team, which guarantees the development and execution of the work with enormous professionalism and responsibility.


Design and Calculation

The technical department of Sunfer has access to the latest advances in structural measures and 3D calculation and printing of the new prototypes for analysis.

Continued Training

In our facilities, as well as in those of the client or through online Webinars, you can request training for you and your team. Also take advantage of the digital training content that we have on our YouTube Channel. Save yourself the trouble when assembling our products.

Factory and Warehouse

Manufacturing and Stock

In our factory, we carry out all the cutting, machining and pre-assembly processes of all the components of the structure.

We have machinery with the latest technology, and a permanent stock of more than 170 MW in bars and bulk material for the manufacturing of our structures.

We are capable of the continuous manufacturing of over 3,000 fully finished kits per day, ensuring high manufacturing capacity and responsiveness.

Stock with more than 14,000 fully finished kits ready to ship.

All our structures are designed in 3 Dimensions and are submitted to a wind tunnel software where all the possible hypotheses of the effects of the wind are interpreted and thus we are able to accurately calculate the necessary loads.

At Sunfer we use 100% recyclable materials

Committed to the Planet

It is up to all of us how we want to leave the planet for the future generations. From Sunfer we promote the development of solutions to make this planet a better place.

To find out more, visit our Sustainable Practices page.


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