March 7

Clamps: reliability for your installations

Photovoltaic installations

A typical photovoltaic installation has several components: photovoltaic panels, inverters or microinverters, power optimisers and, of course, the structures or supports.


In the structures, we have small parts that have a fundamental value for any installation to be safe and functional. And one of these parts of great importance are the clamps.

What are clamps?

Clamps are those parts that fix the photovoltaic panels to the structures. There are two types of clamps: end clamps and mid clamps.

End clamps

End clamps are those that are placed at the ends of the profiles of the structures and fix the panels, thus preventing them from sliding down the profile and falling.

Mid clamps

Mid clamps are fixed to the profile and are placed between two photovoltaic panels. Thus, these clamps serve to connect the two panels.

Complements for your installations

As a complement to the Sunfer clamps, we offer grounding points. They isolate the module from the structure, as both are electrically conductive. This helps prevent dangerous electric shocks and protects people and electrical equipment.

All Sunfer clamps have the aluminium profile EN AW-6005A T6 with A2-70 stainless steel screws, and we also have three types of finishes: raw, anodised and black anodised.

With Sunfer structures you are investing in excellence and sustainability, as all our materials are recyclable, as well as having 90% recycled aluminium in all our structures.

Make every installation a step towards a more sustainable and ecological future!