Raised support for 2 rows of modules for agrovoltaic systems.

Mounting structures specifically designed to optimise the installation of solar panels on agricultural land.


  • 38V-EN
  • Installation area
  • Anchoring surface
    Concrete foundations
  • Maximum panel size
    2279 x 1150 mm
  • Panel thickness
    28 to 40 mm
  • Kits available
    8 – 20 modules
  • Inclination
  • Height
    2779 mm
  • Kit linking system
    Modular system – Base + Expansion kit
  • Anchor screws
    Not included
  • Materials
    Profiles: Aluminium EN AW-6005A T6 (Raw or anodised)
    Screws: Stainless steel A2-70
    Pillars: Hot-dip galvanised steel

This structure is securely anchored to concret footings, ensuring a stable and durable base. With the ability to place up to 2 rows of modules vertically and up to 4 rows horizontally, our products offers exceptional flexibility to adapt to the needs of the field and maximise solar energy generation.

Every detail has been carefully considered to provide a simple and efficient installation, ensuring crop integrity and farm business productivity.

Key benefits of agrovoltaics

Increased agricultural yields

Our agrovoltaic solution combines solar energy and agriculture in a synergistic way. By placing solar panels on crops, you create a favourable environment that simulates growth and increases plant yield. Experience more abundant and higher quality harvests while making the most of your land.

Saving water resources

With agrovoltaics, you are not only generating clean energy, but also optimising water use in agriculture. The shade provided by the solar panels reduces water evaporation on crops, which means a more efficient and conscious use of this valuable resource. Save water and contribute to the environmental sustainability of your business.

Clean energy generation

Our agrovoltaic structure allows you to join the transition to a more sustainable energy source. By harnessing solar energy, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the protection of the environment. Generate clean electricity and renew your commitment to preserving the planet.