For sheet metal roof installations


  • S07.1-EN
  • Description
    Fixing for direct anchoring to sheet metal
  • Installation area
    Sheet metal roof
  • Anchoring surface
    Direct bonding to sheet metal
  • Anchoring system
    Including primer can
  • Materials
    Aluminium EN AW-6005A T6 (Raw or anodised)
    Screws: S42 zinc plated self-drilling with sealing washer
  • Available formats
    Box of 2 pcs.
    Box of 20 pcs.
  • Dimensions and packaging weight
    2- 400x200x80 mm
    0,50 kg
    20- 400x200x250 mm
    4,90 kg
  • Observations
    The roof must be in good condition to ensure that the support is suitable.
    It is very important to follow all installation steps within the specified time.

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